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Planting The Seeds of Knowledge

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Lesson Summary:
1. Can a Rooster drive a tractor?
a. A rooster can't drive a tractor, but he can cock-a-doodle-doo. The rooster crows at 6:00 every morning to wake up the farmer. Set your clock to show six o'clock.
b. One morning the rooster overslept and was one hour late to cock-a-doodle-do. What time did the rooster crow that morning?

2. Can a cow drive a Tractor?
a. A cow can't drive a tractor, but he can give milk. In fact, he gives two buckets of milk every day. How many buckets of milk does the cow give in a whole week?
b. Farmer Brown uses one-half of my milk every week to make ice cream. How many buckets does he use?

3. Can a pig drive a tractor?
a. A pig can't drive a tractor, but he is bigger than some of Farmer Brown's animals. What would you use to measure how heavy he was?
b. Farmer Brown's pig weighs 10 pounds and his cat weighs 4 pounds. Which animal weighs less?

4. Can a goose drive a tractor?
a. A goose can't drive a tractor, but she can lay eggs. The goose lays two eggs on Monday, four eggs on Tuesday, and six eggs on Wednesday. If this pattern continues, how many eggs will the goose lay on Thursday?
b. How many more eggs does the goose lay on Wednesday than on Monday?
c. How many eggs does the goose lay in all three days?

5. Can a goat drive a tractor?
a. A goat can't drive a tractor, but he likes to eat everything on the farm. The goat has already eaten 4 pairs of Farmer Brown's shoes. How many shoes did the goat eat?

6. Can a sheep drive a tractor?
a. A sheep can't drive a tractor, but she can give wool and make good friends for Farmer Brown's two daughters, Little Bo-Peep and Mary.
a. Little Bo-Peep, Farmer Brown's daughter, has 10 sheep. She loses 2 of her sheep. How many sheep does she have now?
b. Mary and her lamb arrive at school at 8:00. Farmer Brown comes to get the lamb at 10:00. How long does the lamb stay at school?

7. Can a pony drive a tractor?
a. A pony can't drive a tractor, but he gives pony rides. Farmer Brown provides rides for all the children on the farm. Path #1 has curves with ups & downs. Path #2 is a straight line. On which path would you get a longer pony ride? Why?
b. There are three ponies on the farm. Each pony gives two children a ride at a time. If all three ponies are used for pony rides, what is the most number of children that can ride at one time?
c. Farmer Brown's ponies each eat a pail of oats every day. He uses a scoop to fill each pail. How many scoops will it take to fill one pail? How many scoops will it take to fill all three pails? NOTE: Teacher brings in a small pail and bucket of oats. Children make the predictions and actually scoop the oats into the bucket to verify answers.

8. Can a cat drive a tractor?
a. A can't drive a tractor, but she keeps the mice out of Farmer Brown's barn. The cat catches eight mice in Farmer Brown's barn. Three of them get away. How many mice are left?

9. Can a turkey drive a tractor?
a. A turkey can't drive a tractor, but he makes a good Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey has 8 feathers in its tail. The dog chases after the turkey and pulls 2 of the feathers from the turkey's tail. How many feathers does the turkey have now?

10. Can a duck drive a tractor?
a. A duck can't drive a tractor, but he can swim and eat worms. NOTE: Teacher hands out individual packages of Gummy Worms to each student. How many worms do you think are in a bag?
b. About how long is one of the Gummy Worms?
c. One Gummy Worm is about 3 inches. If you put two Gummy Worms together to make a worm line, how long would the line be? Sort the worms by color and make a graph. (Optional)

11. Can a rabbit drive a tractor?
a. A rabbit can't drive a tractor, but he can hop around in Farmer Brown's garden and eat carrots. Rabbits usually live in holes. The rabbit's hole is in the shape of a circle. Draw the rabbit's hole.
b. Can the rabbit hide its carrots in a corner? Explain.
c. The rabbit steals 4 carrots out of the Farmer Brown's garden in the morning and it steals 3 carrots out of Farmer Brown's garden in the afternoon. How many carrots did the rabbit steal in all?

12. Can a pet drive a tractor?
a. A pet can't drive a tractor. Farmer Brown has a cat, a dog, and a rabbit. Every day Farmer Brown feeds his pets in a different order. How many different ways can the cat, the dog, and the rabbit line up to be fed?

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