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 Language Arts
  1. Judy  Rank - School: Mountain View Elementary
    Students will make a paper bag puppet and list facts about cotton on the back. Teacher may choose to have facts listed or placed in a paragraph. With younger students teacher may want to use framed sentences. [ find out more ]
  1. Kay Krausman - School: Laguna Road
    [ find out more ]
  2. Janice Monier/CHARISM, CPR, LLC - School:
    Students will be able to learn rhythming skills, which promote phonemic awareness. Standard correlations are: Listening & Speaking, Thinking and Reasoning, and Mathmatics. The activities are based on the story book, "Can a [ find out more ]
  1. John Fedors - School:
    Recording observations of cotton seed germination in a clear colorless supportive environment. [ find out more ]
Social Science
  1. Sandra Trapp - School: Wishon Elementary
    To relate the significance of cotton to the Civil War period and to study the cotton industry in general and its history relating especially to the Civil War period specifically. [ find out more ]

American Pima cotton is a different type (species) of cotton than most cotton consumed worldwide. It is a premium cotton fiber that accounts for approximately 3% of all the cotton grown in the United States.

Better than 90% of all U.S. Pima cotton is grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Pima is a longer and stronger fiber which is spun into higher count yarns for better quality apparel, towels and sheets.

To learn more about the Pima crop, markets and promotional activities go to the Supima Association web site,

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  Cotton Trivia
Cotton has long been known as nature’s unique food and fiber plant. It produces both food for man and feed for animals in addition to a highly versatile fiber for clothing, home furnishings, and industrial uses.
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