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Planting The Seeds of Knowledge
Cotton Belt Educational Programs - Show all state
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Educational Organizations
  1. Homeschool World- Web Site:
  2. Homeschool Parent Magazine- Web Site:
  3. American Montessori Consulting- Web Site:
  4. Education Update- Web Site:
  5. The Old Schoolhouse, The Magazine for Homeschool Families- Web Site:
  6. The Link- Web Site:
  7. Home Education Magazine- Web Site:
  8. Education Planet- Web Site:
  9. Education Place- Web Site:
  10. American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture- Web Site:
  11. National Biological Information Infrastructure- Web Site:
  12. National Agricultural Library (NAL)- Web Site:
  13. Edulinks- Web Site:
  14. Sites For Teachers- Web Site:
  15. Council for Biotechnology Information- Web Site:
  16. Disney Edu-Station- Web Site:
  17. TEAMS Distance Learning- Web Site:
  18. National Association of Agricultural Educators - Web Site:
  19. EdGateway- Web Site:
  20. EE-Link- Web Site:
  21. Washington Agriculture In The Classroom- Web Site:
  22. Whole Cloth, Discovering Science and Technology Through American History- Web Site:
  23. Agripedia- Web Site:
  24. Agriculture In The Classroom- Web Site:
  25. Project Learning Tree- Web Site:
  26. Project Food, Land & People- Web Site:
  27. Utah Ag In The Classroom- Web Site:
  28. National Agricultural Statistics Service Kids- Web Site:
  29. Aglinks2- Web Site:
  30. Education World - Web Site:
Cotton Industry Organizations
  1. American Textile Manufacturers Institute - Web Site:
  2. Land of Cotton - Web Site:
  3. Pyco Industries, Inc. - Web Site:
  4. California Cotton Ginners & Growers Associations - Web Site:
  5. Cotton Council International (CCI) - Web Site:
  6. The Supima Association of America - Web Site:
  7. Cotton Board - Web Site:
  8. National Cotton Council/The Cotton Foundation - Web Site:
  9. National Cottonseed Products Association - Web Site:
  1. National Gardening Association - Web Site:
  2. Creative Teaching Associates - Web Site:
Other Educational Areas
  1. AgBioForum - Web Site:
  2. American Crop Protection Association - Web Site: www.croplifeamerica.ort
  3. American Farm Bureau Federation - Web Site:
  4. - Web Site:
  5. Cotton Entomology Photo Gallery North Carolina State University; Entomology Department. - Web Site:
  6. Cotton Outlook (Cotton terms/glossary) - Web Site:
  7. Dunavant Enterprises - Web Site:
  8. Economic Research Service, USDA - Web Site:
  9. Fabric Link - Web Site:
  10. Insect Division, Museum of Zoology - Web Site:
  11. King Cotton Magazine - Web Site:
  12. Michael W. Dehler (Postcards & Links) - Web Site:
  13. Natural Fibers Information Center - Web Site:
  14. New York Board of Trade - Web Site:
  15. Sustainable Agriculture Network - Web Site:
  16. The American Textile History Museum - Web Site:
  17. USDA - Educational Resource Page - Web Site:
  18. USDA and Agriculture Marketing Service-Cotton Program - Web Site:
  19. USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service - Web Site:
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Thomas Edison, after trying more than a thousand materials, found that charred cotton made the ideal filament for the world’s first electric light.
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