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Cotton’s Journey Program is that of "selling education”, using cotton as the conduit for content rationale. When implemented an inquiry method of teaching is the result. Students are allowed to research and collect fact, achieve discovery, make sense of practical reasoning, and relate to actual pieces of their lives-forming connections. On the other hand, teachers are allowed ownership of an opportunity to personalize curriculum to the needs of their students. The educational community has embraced Cotton’s Journey Educational Program as a valuable educational resource. The “bottom line”—when the business community buys into education, educators and students are more likely to view their time as an investment.

We are very proud of our website and welcome companies, organizations or individuals with a desire to promote cotton, agricultural literacy and education. However, a quality website is costly and so we are asking a small subscription fee to cover the placement of logo, text and maintenance for one-year.

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“ The only educational site featuring cotton as a vehicle to teaching Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Resources, activities, lessons and products are meant to assist educators in giving their students the whole unit experience through an inquiry-based approach, while meeting National Education Standards. “

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As a sponsor of this site your logo and banner link will be attached to the "Home Page" and one other page of your choice. Additional advertising text may also be added to the additional page, with no limit on changes to text during the one-year subscription.

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$240.00 ($20.00/month)

We hope you find it worth your while to support the site as a service to educators and their students, as well as building a partnership with education in producing well rounded and knowledgeable citizens. If you have comments or questions about becoming a sponsor please forward them to or call 1-800-698-1888.


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