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Planting The Seeds of Knowledge

Welcome To Cotton's Journey
We are glad you have taken the time to drop into the home of "Cotton's Journey-A Field Trip In A Box", comprehensive study unit. Here you will find a 'one-stop-shop' of cotton educational resources for learning the important basic core subjects. This integrated study unit contains everything to challenge a student (ages 1-13) and take the family on a 7-month field trip of the history, growth cycle, harvest and processing of cotton. We have done all the research for you...gathered supplemental literature books, videos and CD's, and offer a variety of resources to be used in conjunction with Cotton's Journey-A Field Trip In A Box.

Have You Ever Wondered....
Where the clothes you and your family wear come from?…Or the dressing you put on your salad?…Or the sheets and towels you use everyday? Did you know that fine writing paper, medical supplies, plastics, cosmetics, recording tapes and even the money you use to buy these things are made from COTTON? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cotton is the most common textile fiber now in use. The production of each year's crop involves the purchase of more than $6 billion worth of supplies and services, stimulating business activities for factories and business throughout the country. Nationally, cotton ranks behind corn, soybeans, wheat and hay as leading cash crop (1999). However, business revenue stimulated by cotton is the greatest of any US crop-$122.4 billion. Overseas sales of US cotton (approximately 30% of the total world export market) make a significant contribution to the reduction of the US trade deficit. (National Cotton Council of America. (2000). From Field to Fabric. Memphis, TN: National Cotton Council of America.)____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So lets get started on a cotton journey to learn about this useful, resourceful and wonderful plant we so often take for granted...COTTON!

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