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Have you ever thought about where the clothes you and your family wear come from, or the dressing you put on your salad, or the sheets you crawl under at night before you go to sleep?  It comes from cotton!  Cotton…the most important and widely used fiber ever known to man.  Cotton is used for thousands of things, including clothes, space suits for astronauts and ingredients in the food we eat.

This is the home of Cotton's Journey-A Field Trip In A Box comprehensive study unit. Here you will find a 'one-stop-shop' of cotton educational resources for learning the important basic core subjects. This integrated study unit contains everything to challenge a student.  It truly is a field trip on the history, growth cycle, harvest and processing of cotton.

dWe have done all the research for you...gathered supplemental literature books, videos and CD's, and offer a variety of resources to be used in conjunction with your study unit.  So let’s get started on our cotton’s journey and learn more about this useful, resourceful and magical plant we take for dgranted...COTTON!


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Cotton's Journey-A Field Trip In a Box CURRICULUM & ACTIVITIES BOOK

This 152-page paperback puts into practice inquiry-based curriculum that meets many National Education Standards. Lessons.....

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Winner of the 1995 Parents Choice Honor, the 1995 National Association of Parenting Publications Honor and is approved by.....
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  "What People are Saying"

"Wonderful and entertaining, loved the resource items. Fantastic real life hands-on activities for our children."

- Ms. Ryan, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"Cotton's Journey is a "gold mine". I have been looking for a study unit that relates to everyday life. This is perfect!"

- Ms. Connors, Arlington, Virginia
"We planted cotton in our garden. We had never seen cotton up close. It is a big hit in the neighborhood!"

- Ms. Andrade, Fresno, California
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